Visualization with the help of high-quality photos is an important tool for a complete diagnosis, drawing up a treatment plan and communication with the patient. If you have been wanting to master dental photography for a long time and don’t know where to start, don’t worry: it’s not as difficult as it seems. Let's look at the main points that will help take your dental practice to the next level.

dental photography

Benefits of photography

Good photographic equipment is not a cheap pleasure and it is not easy to decide on additional expenses. But the advantages of such an acquisition still outweigh and really help in the work.

1. Transparency of communication with the patient. A visual demonstration makes it possible to explain the problem in an accessible way, discuss its solution and eliminate misunderstandings. The patient himself will see the whole process, will be able to compare the situation “before” and “after” and will not ask questions why the treatment cost a certain amount.

2. Drawing up your own archive of works. The photo archive will complement the patient's card and will allow you to thoroughly monitor the state of his oral cavity. It will also be useful for analyzing your own development as a specialist and working out shortcomings.

In addition, archival photographs of similar cases will help show the patient what results can be achieved and convince him of the need for the treatment plan you recommend.

3. Productive communication with the dental technician. For example, in the matter of choosing the color of the structure for prosthetics. The human eye is not always able to catch small differences in halftones, besides, color perception is different for everyone. Properly adjusted high-precision lenses read colors perfectly and eliminate the risk of color misses due to human error.

4. Ability to share cases with colleagues. You are probably subscribed to thematic communities of dentists in social networks or take part in conferences. Discussions of clinical cases are more effective and interesting when demonstrating a high-quality picture. In addition, it is easier to show than to explain everything in words.

5. Self-promotion. If you are promoting a clinic or your personal brand, quality content is what you need to win an audience. Advertising pictures from a photo bank are unlikely to convince anyone, but an example of a successful solution to a specific problem will become an honest tool for attracting new customers.

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