Nowadays, in this digital world, everyone wants to show their professionalism to the whole world. One of the most popular way is to share on social media your great work by showing your spectacular, artistic and high-quality photos.

You can achieve unbelievable results much easier and faster if you use equipment that helps you. For dental photography there are some necessary supplies that every professional needs to capture their works in every detail, perfect colors and high resolution.

The following items are required for dental photography: contrasters, retractors, mirrors.

Contrasters are necessary for dental photoshoots because of the completely black background they give to the photo that makes teeth look better. The tooth texture and its anatomy can be seen more clearly. The inside of the mouth is hidden by the total black background and makes the image more presentable. Teeth can be visualized better against the background of the black contraster. Every dental specialist can take photos with this contrasters. Use those tools to take amazing photos that will enrich and complete your photography collection. With the black background you can show not only the macro details but also the micro-ones that are harder to be noticed. Dental contrasters come in many shapes. Contrasters are easy to use and harmless for patients. You can easily insert and remove it from patients’ mouth. A contraster is made of plastic or metal, coated with matt hypoallergenic silicone. In most cases, the contrast can be sterilized in autoclave, and be reused. You can now purchase a set of contrasters (6pcs) and get a gift of retractors (4pcs).

Typically, a cheek retractor serves two purposes: it pulls tissue away to expose an area that needs dental work, and it keeps the tissue in a retracted position during the procedure. For example, cheek retractors can be used for restorative procedures on bicuspids and molars, they are also employed for standard procedures like fillings, crown preps (during the prep and while cementing the temporary crown), crown cementation, sealants, and many other manipulations. Also, cheek retractor is a helpful tool to use for photoshoots. Cheek retractors will help you to observe patients mouth easier as well as they are extremely useful photo shooting tools for anterior, right and left buccal photography. The retractor allows to "open" the smile zone and capture it. The shape and types of retractors are significantly different. Black T-shape retractors and transparent C-shape retractors are recommended. T-shaped retractors are made of plastic material, autoclavable (cold sterilization), small and large sizes. C-shaped retractors are strong one-piece construction, autoclavable (cold sterilization), 3 sized (L, M, S), made of plastic.

Mirrors for dental photography are intended for shootings in inaccessible areas of mouth. By using mirrors, you can take photos of specific teeth groups or the entire dental arch of the upper or lower jaw. Photographic mirrors used for intra-oral photography enable to take sharp and detailed pictures without distortions. We recommend you a set of mirrors (5 pcs). There are 5 different shaped mirrors (Lingual, Buccal, Occlusal Adult, Occlusal XL, Occlusal M).

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