Dental photography from a phone is important today. Pictures are needed to display your work on social networks, as well as to record the result BEFORE and AFTER.

If you don't have a professional camera, you can take photos with your phone. We'll tell you about the accessories you need.

The cameras of modern phones have good resolution and the image quality is excellent.

A few tips for using your phone for dental photography.

1. Light is very important in photography. You can use the light from the dental unit lamp, but cover it with a cloth. The light will become softer.

Ring LED light 3200K-6500K. Also you can use phone light ring. The ring has three modes of light temperature (from warm to cold). the ring is easily installed on any smartphone. This ring is suitable for both intraoral and patient face photography.

The ring light is suitable for photographing the patient's face when outside the dental chair. We recommend not buying a cheap ring lamp online for $ 10. It will not shine well and the tripod will not be stable. You will spend money. A good version of the lamp price / quality for the link.

Lamp for dental photography

2. Accessories for dental photography. Most dentists use black T-shaped retractors. They are versatile. But nowadays the real hit is the transparent C-shape retractors. They are patient-friendly and very easy to use.

Contrasters makes the background black for the photo. Most contrast agents are made of metal, but they are safe for the patient. The most popular contraster is C-4B. But you make buy SET.

dental photography mirror is used to show the invisible area in the mouth. You set up a mirror and take a picture in reflection. It's simple. We have a mirror which has anti-fogging properties.

4. Macro lens for phone. If you want to take a photo of the smile zone in more detail, then you can use the 75mm macro lens for your phone. It fits all phones and is easy to use. Minus - the patient's oral cavity does not completely fit into the photographic zone. Focal length 6-8 cm. An example of a macro lens below.

dental photography

In this article, we talked about accessories for mobile intraoral photography and the patient's face.

If you need photographs of works, read the article "Accessories for macro photography of objects from the phone" (Soon).

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