There is often no room for photography in a dental clinic. The DENTIPHOTO team offers a convenient backdrop for patient photography (portrait photography) that does not require much space.


The background, 100 x 150 cm. Two colors: black and white, light weight, excellent quality, fabric softens light and does not reflect flash from your camera.



You need a mount for the background. We recommend:

special magnetic mount with tripod. High quality.

standard tripod 80 x 200 cm. You can choose another size, but we recommend this one.

In this short article, you learned how to make a background in a dental clinic. We remind you that worldwide shipping of goods in our store is free.

Online Course

We wish your patients beautiful and healthy smiles. Don't miss our online dental photography course on December 11 and 12. Participants are given access to 1 week course recording and certificate. Registration.

Photography is an art.


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