Twin Light + Accessories

About Product

If you're interested in professional dental photography and aesthetic dentistry, this dental twin light will be the perfect assistant for you.

The key features of this kit include dual LED lighting, which ensures ideal shadow-free illumination. The kit is equipped with two powerful LEDs with diffusers, each providing 6000 lumens of power. This ensures bright light for capturing clear and professional photographs.

The Twin Light model is the perfect equipment for dental photography. With the perfect quality of light, your photos will be ready to use in education, promotions, advertisements, and to showcase treatment results to clients. This product is the best solution.

One of the main advantages of this kit is its user-friendliness. You don't need professional photography experience to use this kit. It's already optimized to make the photography process easier and achieve the best results.

Option "For the dentist"

  • Twin Light with Macro Lens and Filter
  • Anti-fog set (device + 4 mirrors of different sizes)
  • Retractors (6 pieces)

Option "For Technician"

  • Twin Light with Tripod
  • Light Box 22cm with background
  • Rotating Background with 20 cm mirror

Option "Anti-Fog Mirror"

  • Anti-fog set (device + 4 mirrors of different sizes)

Retractors Kit 30+

  • Flexible orange C-shape retractors 10 pcs
  • Black C-shape retractors 10 pcs
  • T-Shape retractors black 4 pcs
  • T-Shape retractor for the frontal group - 2 pcs
  • 3D retractors - 4 pcs
  • Retractors 1/2 - 2 pcs

CPL filter & Macro Lens

There are three options to choose from, including an option with a 52mm CPL filter for portrait and intraoral photography and a 100mm macro lens for macro photography.

Compatible with any smartphone

Another advantage of this kit is its compatibility with any smartphone. You can use it with various smartphone models as the holder adjusts to fit your device. This allows you to easily and conveniently attach your smartphone to the holder and use it for capturing procedures.

Rechargeable LEDs

The kit comes with rechargeable LEDs and includes charging cables. You no longer need to worry about replacing batteries. Simply connect the LEDs to a power source using the provided USB cables and start taking photos.

Storage case

The Twin Flash comes with a case that helps you organize and transport your set conveniently.

Package Twin Light includes:

  • 2 rechargeable LEDs with diffusers
  • 1 storage holder
  • 1 smartphone holder
  • 2 USB charging cables
  • 1 screw package
  • 1 screwdriver
  • 1 case
  • 1 user manual

Technical Specifications:

  • LED Light Temperature: 5600K
  • Intensity: Adjustable up to 6000 lumens
  • LED Size: 7.2x7.2 cm

With the Twin Flash, you can capture professional photos of your work without unnecessary shadows and with perfect lighting. This compact and convenient kit will be an invaluable tool for dentists and aesthetic specialists, helping you capture and elevate your procedures to a new level.