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You will receive a finished video from your photos and a publication on Instagram @dentiphoto

Our video masters specialize in creating impressive videos with graphics based on the "Before" and "After" treatment concept. We utilize cutting-edge software such as After Effects and other tools.

A dedicated team collaborates on each video project, employing a diverse skill set and utilizing a range of software tools:

  • Designer: They craft distinctive graphic elements, infographics, manipulate source images, and create masks.

  • Illustrator: This team member enhances the designs with original components that complement the visual concept.

  • Motion Designer: Responsible for breathing life into the elements, they orchestrate animation, establishing rhythm and dynamics within the video.

  • CGI Artist: Specialized in 3D design, this expert contributes intricate 3D elements to the video.

  • Editor: This indispensable team member consolidates all components into a cohesive final product. They manage transitions, composite various elements, and work with color grading and music integration.

This collaborative synergy empowers us to produce captivating and distinctive videos with a unique presentation, dynamic editing, custom graphics, animation, morphing, and CGI.

Our toolkit includes a range of software applications, such as After Effects, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Blender, Stable Diffusion, and Davinci Resolve, to ensure the highest quality and creativity in our video production.

We will create a unique video from your photos that will grab your client's attention! Your Instagram will become more popular than ever before.

Here's how our process works:

  1. Payment: You make your order payment on our website.

  2. Submit Media: You provide us with a link to your cloud storage containing the photos (photo protocol) and any videos you have.

  3. Treatment Description: You send us a description of the treatment, including the services that were provided and which specific service should be featured in the video. For example, if it's about correcting a bite using Damon Q braces with a treatment duration of 1 year and 10 doctor visits, we will use this information as a reference.

  4. Video Creation: We will use the provided media and information to create a unique video with special effects.

  5. Review and Revisions: You review the video, and we make any necessary adjustments based on your feedback.

  6. Final Video: Once you are satisfied with the video, we send you the original video file.

  7. Instagram Publishing: We will post the video on our Instagram account and tag your account. We can also explore the possibility of creating a joint post in collaboration.

This comprehensive process ensures that your treatment journey is showcased effectively through captivating visuals and special effects, helping your Instagram account gain popularity.

Key features of our services:

  • Personalized Approach: We aim to create a video that reflects your unique work. Our video will be fully customized to meet your needs and preferences.

  • Professional Graphics: Our graphic designers have extensive experience and use advanced tools to create visually stunning effects.

  • Advertising on Instagram: we will publish a video on our Instagram @dentiphoto and you will get new subscribers.

  • Video creation time: 7-10 working days.

!!! For the successful execution of your order, it is necessary to provide photos of the patient's case in high quality. These materials are a crucial part of our work, as they help us better understand your story and create a video that accurately reflects the "Before" and "After" treatment. Without such data, fulfilling the order is not possible.

We strive to create a video that is not only informative but also inspiring.