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Handle For Photography Mirrors

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About Product

The holder allows to take photos in different positions without touching the mirror and help to keep finger tips out of the photograph. It is compatible with all our mirrors, which just slide in between the rubber parts. It may also be used with other mirrors those thickness is 3mm.

It is made of conical anodised aluminium; articulated upper part; four rubber parts for fast insertion/removal of mirrors.

The holder can be autoclaved, but should not be used in dishwasher or disinfector, as it may get discoloured. See the cleaning instruction below for more details.


- Lenght: 148mm

- Diameter: 15-20mm

- Weight: 107g

- Rotates: 70°

Cleaning/Sterilization Instructions for classic metal contrastors/contrasters and aluminium holder

These classic metal contrasters are made of anodized aluminium and as such, are less resistant to some sterilisation processes.

Do not use a dishwasher or disinfector · Do not use ultrasonic bath · Do not use abrasive products (like Scotch-brite pads).

Some disinfecting liquids are incompatible with aluminium: please refer to the instructions of use of your products (PH between 4 and 8 is safe).

Do not use alkaline or acid chemicals.

You may autoclave it in temp. up to (134°C), chemiclave it (132°C) or dry heat (180°C).


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