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Set: Mirrors + Black Retractors
Set: Mirrors + Black Retractors

    Set: Mirrors + Black Retractors

    $59.90 $134.90

    An excellent SET to take AMAZING Dental Photos!

    Photographic mirrors are used for intra-oral photography enable to take sharp and detailed pictures without distortions. Different shaped mirrors (Lingual, Buccal, Occlusal).  Our photographic Mirrors are resistant to repeated liquid sterilizations, but improper methods can damage the product. Mirrors have reflectivity close to 95% and are able to represent true colors. High grade nickel chromium coating, double sided.

    The Black Retractor is made of a transparent plastic with smooth surface, it has good elasticity that makes it easier for use. T-shaped with double-ended aperture design that will help you for an easier mouth observation.  Use only cold sterilization and autoclaving (<135 C⁰). Reusable only after sterilization.

    Package includes:

    • 4pcs of Dental Mirrors
    • 4pcs of Dental Retractors. Size:

    Large size: 167 * 55 * 24mm / 6.6 * 2.2 * 0.9in

    Small size: 145 * 45 * 20mm / 5.7 * 1.8 * 0.8in

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