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Set Mirrors + Retractors + Gift

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Set Mirrors + Retractors + Gift

Set Mirrors + Retractors + Gift


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Purchase a SET of dental Mirrors and Retractors and get Dental Contrasters for FREE.

The order includes: 4pcs of Dental Mirrors, 8pcs Single-ended Retractors and 6pcs of Dental Contrasters.

Photographic Mirrors are used for intra-oral photography enable to take sharp and detailed pictures without distortions. Our photographic mirrors are resistant to repeated liquid sterilizations, but improper methods can damage the product.

Features: Reflectivity close to 95%. True color representation.

Single-ended Retractors will help you to observe patients mouth easier as well as they are extremely useful photo shooting tools for anterior, right and left buccal photography. Easy mouth observation.

Use only cold sterilization and autoclaving (<135 C⁰). Reusable only after sterilization. Made of a transparent plastic with smooth surface.

Contrasters are necessary for dental photoshoots because of the completely black background they give to the photo that makes teeth look better. The inside of the mouth is hidden by the total black background and makes the image more presentable. They are made of stainless steel. Easy cleaning and fully autoclavable under high temperature of 134 C⁰.

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