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Studio Flash Light Kit 900W
Studio Flash Light Kit 900W
Studio Flash Light Kit 900W
Studio Flash Light Kit 900W
Studio Flash Light Kit 900W
Studio Flash Light Kit 900W

    Studio Flash Light Kit 900W

    Precise output displayed on LED panel, 20 steps from to 3.0 in 0.1 increments 
    Use optional FT-16 trigger to control the flash power ratio, modeling lamp and buzzer, as well as flash triggering 
    150W modeling lamp adjusts in 9 power levels  
    Outstanding output stability, no more than 2% shifts when under the same output 
    Anti-preflash function enables synchronization with cameras that have a one-preflash firing system 
    Auto memory and recovery of adjusted panel settings
    Model: E-300
    Max Power (WS): 300Ws
    Guide No. (m ISO 100): 58
    Color Temperature: 5600±200K
    Operating Voltage: AC100-120V/60HZ Or AC200-240V/50HZ
    Power Output Control: OFF, 5.0-7.0(1/16-1/1)
    Modeling Lamp Level: 9 Levels 
    Modeling Lamp (W): 75W
    Recycle Time: 0.4-2.5S
    Triggering Mode: Sync cord, Test button, Slave triggering, Wireless control port
    Flash Duration: 1/2000 to 1/800 second
    Fuse: 5A
    Dimension: Length: 21cm; Width: 11cm; High(without handle): 11cm; Cable Length: 488cm; Flash Diameter: 9.5cm  Dimension(with original box): 24.5*18*13cm
    Weight: 1757g
    Model: Godox 50x70cm Softbox *3
    This is the perfect addition to your studio and strobes. Softbox diffuses the strobe flash giving you that perfect even lighting you need for the best shots possible. Skin tones come to life and blemishes fade away. Colors pop and your shots can go to new levels or professionalism with a good softbox.
    With Standard size Universal speed mounts, this hiqh quality softbox fits compact strobe flash in any studio.
    Size: 50 X 70cm / 20" x 27" Softbox 
    Mount: Universal Mount
    Model:2M Light Stand *3
    Aluminum alloy construction.
    Beautiful black
    Solid quick release levers.
    Versatile and compact for easy set up.
    Folded Length: 67cm
    Min length: 2'4" (70cm).
    Max height 7' (200cm).
    Ideal Max. Working Height: (140~150cm)
    Model:AT-16 Trigger *1
    Product Description
    Colour Name:AT-16
    • Godox AT-16 studio flash trigger is to control camera to trigger studio strobe synchronously. It is designed especially for photography studios and for outdoor shooting.
    • The transmitter fits into nearly any type of camera, the receiver is compatible with most studio flashes. We provide a mini plug adapter that plugs into the sync cord outlet.
    • Super strong anti-interference ability, sensitive reaction ability, convenient to operate.
    • LED on both receiver and transmitter to indicate triggering.
    • AC100-240V 50/60Hz power source for receiver.
    • Circuit design has the function of standby sleep, low power consumption.
    Model: Godox AT-16
    Transmit system: 433MHz
    Channel: 16
    Transmitter Power:23A 12V battery (installed)
    Receiver Power: AC100-240V 50/60Hz
    Sync Cord: Ø6.35/Ø3.5
    Sync: 1/200s
    Workable distance: outdoors up to 30m; indoors up to 20m
    Model:Boom Arm *1
    - 2-sections telescopic holder arm, working length 75cm - 140cm
    - Max loading Weight of 3kg
    - Comes with sandbag for balance
    Package Listing:
    3x E300 Flash 
    3x 50x70cm Softbox
    3x 190cm Light Stand
    1x Boom Arm
    1x AT-16 Trigger
    1x Soft Umbrella(33 inch) 
    1x Reflector Umbrella(33 inch)