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Box For Veneers
Box For Veneers
Box For Veneers
Box For Veneers

    Box For Veneers

    $54.90 $79.90
    • Product Type: Box

    A useful Veneers box that is necessary for keeping the Veneers safe while they are shipped and manipulated.

    A box that will make the work with Veneers easier and less stressful because nothing can go wrong with it. Secure the Veneers with this box.


    The Veneer box has a sticky gel-pad where the Veneers are placed. There is no fear that Veneers can fall out of the box.

    The safety level is high. The sticky gel-pad is unaffected so that gives you the opportunity to use it many times.

    Also, the box contains a membrane-frame that can be fixed on the base over the pad where Veneers are and be closed. Now the Veneers are safe, and you can easily transfer them.

    The Veneer box is made of ABS plastic.

    Comes out only in black color.

    Worldwide shipping.


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