Godox MF12-K2 TTL Macro Flash

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The Godox MF 12 Flash is a high-quality and powerful lighting device specially designed for photography and videography, offering professional lighting capabilities with reliability and user-friendly operation.

Key Specifications:

  • Power: The Godox MF 12 Flash features high power, ensuring even illumination for your shooting scenes and delivering bright and clear images.
  • Adjustable Brightness: Built-in brightness adjustment settings allow easy control of light intensity, adapting to various lighting conditions.
  • Color Temperature: The MF 12 Flash supports color temperature adjustment, enabling you to create warm or cool lighting tones to suit your photographic needs.
  • Silent Operation: The device operates silently, making it advantageous for video shooting where unwanted background noise is undesirable.
  • Long Service Life: Equipped with a high-capacity battery, the flash ensures prolonged operation for extended shooting sessions without interruptions.
  • Portable Design: The compact and lightweight design of the Godox MF 12 Flash makes it an excellent choice for mobile photography.

Bundle Options: We offer three different bundles for added versatility and convenience.

  1. Standard Bundle includes:
  • 2 X Godox MF12 Flashes
  • 2 X Flash Stands
  • 2 X Cold Shoe Adapters
  • 1 X Carry Case CB31
  • 2 X Color Filter Holders
  • 2 X Color Effects Set MF-11C
  • 2 X Extreme Close-Up Positioning Adapters
  • 1 X Mounting Ring MF-AR
  • 2 X Color Temperature Adjustment Sets MF-11T
  • 2 X Type-C USB Cables
  • 1 X Adapter Rings Kit AR-R kit
  1. X2T Trigger Bundle includes all items in the Standard Bundle, plus:
  • 1 X X2T-C/N/S/F/O/P Trigger
  1. Xpro Trigger Bundle includes all items in the Standard Bundle, plus:
  • 1 X Xpro-C/N/S/F/O/P Trigger


  • 2.4G Wireless Technology: Enables long-distance transmission, providing more flexibility in your shooting setup.
  • 5 Groups with 32 Channels: Prevents disturbance when multiple wireless systems are working together.
  • Multi-Flash Solution: Offers precise control and allows every flash to rotate to different angles freely for correct positioning.
  • Specially Designed Slope Structure: Illuminates inwards to light up narrow spaces right before the lens, ideal for shooting extreme close-up subjects.
  • Multiple-Flash Solution: The combination of MF12 flashes and the mounting ring expands its usage for various scenarios.
  • Adjustable Head: Allows quick positioning, even in extreme close-up ranges.
  • Compact Size: "Invisibility" in the frame, lighting up the subject while remaining discreet.
  • Powerful Lithium Battery: Supports up to 500 full-power flashes and a recycling time of 0.01-1.7 seconds, ensuring uninterrupted creativity. Rechargeable via a type-C cable when the power runs low.

The Godox MF 12 Flash is an excellent choice for dental photography, providing exceptional lighting capabilities for capturing clear and professional dental images in various settings.


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