Hello. If you are reading this article, then you can become a part of the DENTIPHOTO online platform.

In February - March, we plan to launch our mobile application:

- information about online and offline courses around the world
- information about the masters who organize courses
- articles and master classes about dental photography

The uniqueness of the project

We give you the opportunity to develop your business and become more popular.

Attention! We currently need articles on the following topics:
- accessories for dental photography (retractors, contrasting devices, mirrors, etc.). Types and tips.
- camera, lens, flash
- soft boxes for photography (communication with a camera, settings)
- dental photography
- portrait photography (photo protocol)
- photography for social networks
- mobile portrait photography
- photographs of objects
- cross-polarization
- other

Everyone can choose an article topic from the list or suggest a new topic.

If your article is written well, then you will get:
- publication of the article in the application
- free access to the application forever
- you will be listed as the author of the article
- you will have a personal account in the application and application users will see your contacts. Users will be able to follow you on Instagram, Facebook and other social networks
- if you have online (off-line) courses, you can add them in the app. You will get new clients.

Requirements for articles:

- the article must be unique. You can not take articles from other sites and services
- the article should contain photos that are needed for the user
- you can write an article in any language. In the future, we will translate the article into other languages.
- the article should fully disclose the topic.

If you want to participate, fill out the form following the link . We will definitely answer you. We remind you that the number of places is limited.