Free Photoshop and Lightroom Course for Dentists and Dental Technicians

Make any purchase on our website totaling over $99 and receive a complimentary course, "Secrets of Editing Dental Photos in Photoshop and Lightroom"

Editing in Lightroom:

  • Import Photos to Lightroom: Learn how to seamlessly import your dental photos.
  • Correct Photo Orientation: Ensure all images are correctly oriented.
  • Sort Photos by Rating: Efficiently sort your photos based on their ratings.
  • White Balance Adjustment: Achieve perfect color balance in your images.
  • Align and Crop Photos: Precisely align and crop your photos.
  • Cleaning Photos with the Healing Tool: Remove imperfections using the healing tool.
  • Black Contrastor: Enhance images with black contrastors
  • Align Different Photos with the Reference Tool: Consistently align multiple photos.
  • Create a White/Black Background with the Mask Tool: Use masks to create professional backgrounds.
  • Export Finished Photos from Adobe Lightroom: Export your edited photos effortlessly.

Improving Photos in Photoshop:

  • Extra: Transparent Background: Create images with transparent backgrounds.
  • Extra: Smooth Skin: Achieve a flawless skin appearance.
  • Extra: Carry Over Makeup: Retain makeup details in edited photos.
  • Extra: Export Photos with Different Resolutions: Export images in various resolutions.
  • Extra: Create a Depth of Field Map: Add depth to your images.
  • Extra: Correction of Perspective: Correct image perspectives.
  • Extra: Upscale Photo: Enhance the resolution of your photos.

Additional Details:

  • Access for 6 Months: Enjoy six months of access to the course materials.
  • Personalized Certificate: Receive a personalized certificate upon completion.

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