Editing dental photos in Photoshop and Lightroom

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Buy the “Dental Motion Design A-Z” course today and receive a complete course on Photoshop and Lightroom for free.

During the course, you will learn how to use Lightroom and Photoshop to edit dental photos and also learn lifehacks for using programs and AI.

Basic editing in Lightroom

  • Import Photos to Lightroom
  • Correct photo orientation
  • Sort photos by rating
  • White balance adjustment
  • Align and Crop Photos
  • Cleaning photos with the tool "Healing"
  • Black contrastor
  • Align different photos with the tool "Reference"
  • Create a white/black background with the tool "Mask"
  • Export finished photos from Adobe Lightroom

Improving photos in Photoshop

  • Extra: Transparent background
  • Extra: Smooth Skin
  • Extra: Carry over makeup
  • Extra: Export photos with different resolution
  • Extra: Create a Depth of Field Map
  • Extra: Correction of perspective
  • Extra: Upscale Photo

Access for 6 months. Personalized certificate.

If you also want to learn how to create amazing videos from photos for social networks, then we recommend buying the course “Dental Motion Design A-Z”. This course includes lessons on Photoshop and Lightroom and additionally on After Effects.

No. We created a course for people who have no experience. The course will be understandable to everyone.

You need programs from Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom.

You will get access for 3 months.

Yes, we issue a certificate to each participant.