Binoculars with wireless light

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Color: 3.5X Black

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About Product

Loupes with excellent depth of field, clear image across the entire working field without distortion.

Wireless light is convenient to use. The light has clear edges and does not interfere with the patient.

Magnification: 2.5X / 3.5X
Working distance: 320-420mm
Color - Black, Silver.

All this is possible thanks to the two-lens optical design. The set consists of binoculars on a comfortable frame and a two-lens illumination on a battery with a protective orange filter.

The backlight forms a round light spot with clear boundaries and a uniformly illuminated field due to two remotely spaced lenses. Adjustable brightness.

A battery allows you to work out a shift for a dentist without problems on 1 battery charge. The design of the binoculars allows you to individually adjust the interpupillary distance and the angle of the visual axes of the magnifiers.

Magnification: 2.5 / 3.5
Working distance: 320-420mm
Viewing depth: 90mm/80mm
Field of view: 100mm/60mm
Backlight power: 5W
Working time: 5 hours
Intensity: 15000-30000 Lux
Lamp life: 10000 hours
Input voltage: AC100-240V / 50-60Hz
Rechargeable lithium battery

Protective case - 1pc
Safety glasses with binocular loupes - 1 pc
Light - 1 pc
Battery - 1pc
LED lamp - 1pc
Charging - 1pc
Screwdriver - 1pc
Clip for glasses - 1pc
Wire clamp - 1pc
Cleaning cloth - 1pc
User manual - 1pc


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