Camera Shoulder Strap

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Introducing our versatile camera strap designed for both DSLRs and mirrorless cameras. This cross body strap is specifically crafted for right-handed users, providing easy and fast access to your camera whenever you need it.

The shoulder pad of the strap is designed to be breathable and comfortable, ensuring long hours of shooting without discomfort. Made from durable and adjustable nylon webbing, the strap is built to withstand the rigors of professional use and provide a secure hold on your camera.

With an adjustable length ranging from 28.3 to 48.8 inches (72 to 124 cm), you can customize the strap's fit to suit your preferences and shooting style.

The strap features an Arca Swiss Type quick release plate with a convenient strap eyelet, allowing you to attach and detach your camera effortlessly while keeping it secure.

For added safety, the strap comes with a safety string to prevent accidental drops of your camera.

This camera strap is also designed to be compatible with our JJC HS-PRO1M and HS-ML1M Hand Straps (sold separately), offering you a complete and versatile photography setup.

Upgrade your shooting experience with our reliable and comfortable camera strap, perfect for both professional photographers and photography enthusiasts alike.

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