Anti-Fog Mirrors for Dental Photography

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Anti-fog Mirrors are used for intraoral photography. Mirror is not fogging during the photoshoot because of the electrical handle that provides cool air and prevents the warmth of the breath to fog the mirror.

Also it has a LED light that gives a better quality of the photos. You can take professional, sharp and detailed photos that will take you to the next level of dental photography. The anti-fog dental mirror is really easy to use and it brings comfort to your work and to your patients. 

There are 4 types of mirrors. 95% reflective mirrors. Also they are made of stainless steel and can be easily cleaned and autoclaved.

The main function of the device is to assist in intraoral photography and make it easier. Enjoy the process of photo shooting by using this electric anti fogging mirror.

Stainless steel mirror can be autoclaved.


  • Anti-fog effect.
  • LED lamp
  • Control buttons (fan button / fan and light button) 
  • The device is equipped with four high-quality stainless-steel mirrors.
  • Built-in high-end current-limiting chip, automatic input current regulation, safety protection
  • The handshake position is equipped with a smooth design pad to make your touch more comfortable.
  • Battery capacity: 700MAH, input voltage: 5.0V 1A output voltage: 1.2W MAX.

Mirror features:

1) Material: medical 304 stainless steel.
2) Mirrors:
• maxillofacial 14.5x7cm (for adults);
• maxillofacial 14x 5.5cm (suitable for children);
• cheek mirror 14.5x5cm.
• pressure adjustment 15x3.7 cm
3) Easy to clean, mirrors are autoclavable
4) Applicable disinfection method: applicable to any disinfection method.

Set #1 included:

  • Full set of 4 mirrors 

  • Anterior flexible silicone double sided contraster 

  • Set of black retractors (2 small, 2 large)

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