HIT! Flash Bouncer 3 in 1

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Purchase the flashlight bouncer and make your photos look spectacular with the right light.

Reflected light is especially useful for eliminating unwanted halation or highlights from highly reflective surfaces and is an excellent method for documenting dentine shade and characterizations.

The flashlight bouncer has 3 colors, white, gold and silver as well as a removable frosted diffusion screen.

A silver card reflector produces a muted output that increases the overall color temperature, that is, bluer, and tends to flood the scene with a burst of bright light.
Gold colored reflectors are identical to silver, their analogues, but the overall color temperature is warmer.

White surfaces produce the most diffuse type of reflection. The reflected emissions are extremely soft, much more subtle, and less specular compared to mirror, silver, or gold reflectors. The resulting light does not 'flood' the image, but subtly reduces shadows.

It has easy installation. Attaches in seconds with hook and loop tabs and folds flat for storage in a sturdy pouch.

• 1 Piece Flash Bouncer
• 3 Pieces Reflector (White/Gold/Silver)
• Size (WxHxD): 25x15x2.5
• Weight: 86 g

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