Anterior Flexible Silicone Contraster For Dental Photography

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Contrasters allow photos to be taken with a completely black background eliminating those elements not required in the picture. It makes the image more presentable for patients, lectures and publications. The Anterior Contraster can also help show incisal translucency. The contrasters are also useful when examining cervical caries or monitoring shade change during bleaching. Long, contra-angled handles keep hands out of the way.

Unbreakable: these contrasters are made of malleable stainless steel covered by black silicone.

Flexible: they can be bent for easier positioning.

Comfortable for the patient: feel warm and soft, don't hurt the mouth corners.

They can be cleaned and decontaminated by any process and they are fully autoclavable.

See the attachment for detailed cleaning instructions.

Approximate width in the widest part: 68mm and 60mm.

Cleaning/Sterilization Instructions

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