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MDP - mobile dental photography.

Nowadays, each new smartphone arriving on the market is equipped with a more performing and amazing camera ! It is for taking advantage of this revolution in progress that Dentiphoto proposes you the very first device specially studied for allowing the most beautiful dental photos with your smartphone:  Dentiphoto MDP – professional dental photography accessible for all !

Dentiphoto MDP, that can be considered as a “ mini photo studio ”. The device is equipped with three groups of LEDs (light emitting diodes).

The back of Dentiphoto MDP is equipped with a universal adaptor that is adjustable for any model of smartphone having a width between 55-85mm.

Dentiphoto MDP is a plug and play device that is very easy to use and that doesn’t need any special App, calibration process or specific education. It will allow you to drastically improve your results with the camera of your smartphone… very easily.

Soon it will become a mandatory tool for you :

- Photos for shade taking
- Every day communication with the lab
- Short video clips
- Patients’ documentation
- Artistic pictures

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