Mirrors Sterilisation And Storage Cassette

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These cassettes protect your Photographic Mirrors during any cleaning and sterilization process, helping avoid accidental damage, which can be so annoying.


The internal silicone strips put no pressure on the mirrors, which allow complete penetration of the washing and disinfection solutions.

The cassettes are made of high performance materials (stainless steel and silicone) - and with a lattice style - SOLO Cassettes have been designed for use with all disinfection and cleaning solutions, such as ultrasonic baths or washer disinfectors.

Autoclavable (134°C)

Because they are very thin (around 3 cm), they take up very little room in any process and can be put in situations previously excluded to mirrors on their own.

2 models are available, depending on the shape and size of the mirror. 

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