Portrait Lens 3X

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This lens is needed if you want to take portrait photos on your phone. The standard camera on the phone distorts the image in order to cover a larger area.

With a lens, the focal length will be longer, and the face will have real proportions.

1. 85mm PRO professional HD telephoto lens: To get a fantastic phone camear world.

2. Based on 3X telephoto lens, the 85mm telephoto lens has a more color compensation.

3. The telephoto lens used importing aspherical glass, the aspherical glass has high light transmittance, thinner edge. At the same time, the multi-layer coating technology can reduce glare, restore the real color, and provice 5K high-definition version. Under the circumstance of no deformation, the telephoto lens can magnify 3 times, the effect images can similar with SLR.

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