Resin Filler Aesthetic Restoration Silicone Handle

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  • Special steel from Germany
  • Highly gracile
  • Elastic dimensionally stable
  • Appication of titanium coating technology in work area.
  • CT-1: Very light, thin and flexible knife adjustment, used for resin transportation and molding.
  • CT-2: Thin and narrow adjustment knife, its bending angle is suitable for hard-to-reach areas, such as adjacent walls and sharp edges.
  • CT-3: Very light, thin and flexible knife adjustment for large-scale surface shaping.
  • CT-4: The long and round filler is especially suitable for resin molding.
  • CT-5: The sharp pointed design is suitable for forming the occlusal surface structure.
  • CT-6: Used to measure the thickness of the restoration resin layer horizontally and vertically.

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