Retractor C-shape

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Self-retaining retractor can also be used in general dentistry and photography.  Extended tabs allow for the cheek to be pulled back. Provide maximum buccal exposure.

  • Better access for the dentist to the teeth to perform clinical procedures, gives a full view of the anterior/posterior segment during direct bonding
  • Extended handles for easier insertion and for pulling the cheek anterior while bonding the side segment.
  • Tension can be adjusted by using elastomers for maximum patient comfort, also keeps the upper and lower lip away from dry-field while bonding
  • Made from medical grade polypropylene (PP). This softer material allows for greater flexibility.
  • Medium size for maximum compatibility (see picture for details)

Variant Set included:

  • S size 1 pcs
  • M size 1 pcs
  • L size 1 pcs

Variant Extra Set included:

  • S size 3 pcs
  • M size 3 pcs
  • L size 3 pcs

Cleaning instructions:

  • Use a mild cleanser and a soft brush or sponge to clean and rinse of any debris, blood or saliva prior to sterilisation.
  • Place in disinfector at 90° programme, or
  • Place in a single wrap in a plastic pouch and autoclave at 121°C programme.
  • Dry with a lint free cloth.


    Retractor may be autoclaved at temperatures up to 121°C or cold sterilised. Some chemicals and cleansers may make the retractor brittle and cloudy. You may also check our range of metal and black coated metal cheek retractors, which have been tested to withstand over 100 autoclaving cycles.


    • Autoclavable. Cold sterilization.
    • Strong one-piece construction.
    • Size: L - adult (recommend), M - adult, S - children. (Select the size)
    • Material: Plastic
    • Shape: C–shape
    • Package: 1 pc

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