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Discover the ultimate solution for your dental photography needs with our comprehensive Dental Photography Retractor Set. This extensive collection is designed to allow dentists to test a wide array of retractors, finding the perfect fit for both practitioner and patient comfort and efficiency.

Included in this set are:

2 Upper and Lower Lip Retractors made of durable black plastic, designed for superior visibility and access to the upper and lower dental arches.

A complete Set of T-Shape Retractors, featuring 4 large and 4 small pieces in robust black plastic.

2 C-Shape Retractors crafted from clear plastic, offering a large size for increased versatility. The transparency ensures minimal interference with lighting, making them ideal for capturing high-quality dental images.

10 C-Shape Silicone Soft Retractors in a vibrant orange, offering a softer, more comfortable option for patients. These are perfect for longer sessions or for individuals with sensitive mouths.

4 V-Shape Retractors made from clear plastic, specifically designed for detailed and precise dental imaging. Their V-shape allows for optimal exposure of the dental arches.

4 T-Shape Retractors also in clear plastic, adding to the variety and flexibility of your dental photography tools. These retractors combine visibility with accessibility, facilitating excellent photographic results.

Every retractor in this set is autoclavable, ensuring the highest standards of hygiene and safety. This feature allows for repeated use in clinical settings, ensuring each tool is clean and sterile for every patient.

This Dental Photography Retractor Set is a must-have for any dental practice focused on delivering precise diagnostics and showcasing detailed treatment results. With the ability to test and choose from various retractor types, you can enhance your dental photography and improve patient care. Invest in this set to elevate your dental practice and ensure you have the right tools for every situation.

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