Universal Soft Box

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Great Version of a Soft Box.

The Universal flash reflector on the flash can soften the intense light, achieve the best shoot effect and making the photos look more natural. Universal Soft Box Flash Diffuser converts the harsh light from the flash to a softer light, diffused light, while reducing shadows and softening hot spots.


  • The size and weight make it easy to set up and use. It adds nothing to the weight of your camera.
  • Convenient to transport and use on-location.
  • The flash diffuser Soft Box comes out with a case.
  • It is affordable.
  • It helps to reduce hard background shadows and eliminates the annoying red eye effect.
  • It is universal and fits most models of external flashes.

Compatible for:

Canon: 600EX-RT, 580EX II, 580EX, 550Ex, 540EZ, 430EZ, 420EZ, 430EX, 420EX, 380EX, 520EX, 300TL, Nikon: SB24, SB25, SB26, SB28, SB28DX, SB50DX, SB80DX, SB-900, SB-910, SB800, SB600, SB700, Yongnuo: YN-460 YN-460S YN460II YN-460IIS YN-465 YN467 YN-468 YN468II YN560 YN565EX

  • Material: Nylon and Cloth.
  • Product size: Approx. 9 * 6cm / 3.5 * 2.4in .
  • Item weight: Approx. 12g / 0.4oz.
  • Package size: Approx. 14.2 * 11 * 1cm / 5.6 * 4.3 * 0.4in.
  • Package weight: Approx. 13g / 0.5oz .

The Universal Soft Box will help to achieve beautiful and natural colors on your photographs. It is so important to take professional shots especially if you want to upload and share them with others. Show your professionalism by the quality of your work. Purchase this amazing equipment and get to the next higher level.

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