Accessories for dental photography help to get better pictures. They include retractors, mirrors, and contrasters. Because they come in contact with the patient’s oral cavity, they all should be autoclavable.

Retractors For Dental Photography

Retractors are used to lift the lips away and give better access to the oral cavity. They can be made of plastic or metal. Two main types exist: self-retracting retractors and single sided retractors. They come in different shapes and sizes.

Self-retracting retractors are used mostly for frontal views and also for occlusal shots.

Single sided retractors are mostly used for lateral views.


Plastic retractors are more comfortable for the patients.

Dental Retractors

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Mirrors For Dental Photography

Mirrors are used to capture the reflection of the teeth. They can be made from different materials and with different techniques. The most common mirrors are made of polished metal or glass coated with a highly reflective surface. Depending on the surface coating type, a different reflection percentage will result.

A chromium coating reflects 65% of the light, rhodium 75%, titanium 75%, and dielectric coatings such as Ultrabright reflect 99%. All reflective surfaces will scratch over the time; because of this, mirrors should be replaced from time to time. The coating material does not influence the final picture unless it is scratched or distorted. A less reflective surface needs more energy from the flash to get a proper exposure. Chromium coated mirrors are most common and are cheaper than the others.

Mirrors come in different shapes and sizes, however in daily practice, two shapes are used most often: occlusal and lateral.


Buy mirrors in different sizes to fit different individuals. For some mirror shapes, separate handles are offered. This is helpful in holding and positioning the mirror.

Dental Photography Mirrors

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Contrasters For Dental Photography

Contrasters allow photos of the teeth to be taken with a black background. They come in different shapes and sizes. They are made from black anodized aluminum or from metal plates covered with soft black silicone. Three types are available: anterior, occlusal, and lateral.


Select contrasters coated with black silicone. It’s more durable, will not scratch, and is more pleasant for the patient. The anterior contraster is used most often.


Dental Photography Contrasters


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The best kit for dental photography

Electric Anti-Fog Mirrors used for intraoral photography enable to take sharp and detailed pictures without distortions, mirrors are not fogging, and it gives an extra light to the oral cavity.

Set #1 included:

  • Full set of mirrors
  • Anterior flexible silicone double sided
  • Set of black retractors (2 small, 2 large)

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