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DLP-II Series Deluxe Lens Pouch is a specially designed carrying case for typical SLR lenses, providing protection from accidental bumps, dust, and the elements while you are out shooting.


  1. Protects your gear from accidental bumps, unwanted dust, and the elements while shooting.
  2. Heavy-duty, water-resistant exterior material.
  3. Thick layer of high-density foam cushion interior.
  4. Two-way zipper for convenience and security.
  5. Interior elastic mesh pocket under the lid for small accessories.
  6. Touch-fastening belt loop.
  7. Free adjustable shoulder strap.
  8. Top grab handle.
  9. Provides 3 carrying options.


  1. Two D-rings for connecting the included shoulder strap.
  2. Rear touch-fastening belt loop for use on the backpack or belt.
  3. A top grab handle for hand carrying.


  • JJC DLP-1II: Fits lenses ≤ 3.0 x 3.9"/ 75 x 100mm (Diameter x Length).
  • JJC DLP-2II: Fits lenses ≤ 3.1 x 5.3"/ 80 x 135mm (Diameter x Length).
  • JJC DLP-3II: Fits lenses ≤ 3.1 x 6.1"/ 80 x 155mm (Diameter x Length).
  • JJC DLP-4II: Fits lenses ≤ 3.9 x 6.5"/ 100 x 165mm (Diameter x Length).
  • JJC DLP-5II: Fits lenses ≤ 4.3 x 7.5"/ 110 x 190mm (Diameter x Length).
  • JJC DLP-6II: Fits lenses ≤ 4.3 x 8.9"/ 110 x 225mm (Diameter x Length).
  • JJC DLP-7II: Fits lenses ≤ 4.9 x 11.4"/ 125 x 290mm (Diameter x Length).
  • JJC DLP-8II: Fits lenses ≤ 5.5 x 14.6"/ 140 x 370mm (Diameter x Length).


The DLP-II lens pouches are soft and flexible, allowing lenses slightly larger than the interior size to fit. Use the elastic band to secure the lens in the bag effectively.

Please refer to the compatible lens models listed in the product description for reference.

JJC DLP-1II, DLP-2II, DLP-3II, and DLP-4II come with a shoulder strap.

JJC DLP-5II, DLP-6II, DLP-7II, and DLP-8II come with a shoulder strap with a shoulder pad.

Q&A: Q1: How to choose lens bags of different sizes?

A1: We recommend measuring your lens size and selecting a slightly larger lens bag. You can also check the reference lens models in the product description and choose the recommended lens bag. If unsure, feel free to contact us anytime.

Q2: What's the weight of the product? I'm buying them for long hikes, and weight is very important.

A2: The lens bags are lightweight: DLP-1II is 135g, DLP-2II is 151g, DLP-3II is 152g, DLP-4II is 174g, DLP-5II is 216g, DLP-6II is 229g, DLP-7II is 311g, and DLP-8II is 409.8g.

Q3: Is it waterproof and shockproof?

A3: Yes, the lens bags are made of heavy-duty, water-resistant exterior material and a thick layer of high-density foam cushion interior, providing protection from accidental bumps, dust, and the elements during shooting.

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