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Get up close and personal with your shooting with the Godox RING72! This ring light is extremely versatile, so there are no limits on your content creation. The high output LEDs bring bright and constant illumination, which is perfect for both photo and video. 

The circular design ensures even and soft lighting with a soft light drop off. The Ring72 Ring light is perfect for professional macro photographers, clinical dental photography or amateurs who love to shot macro and just want to capture the world. The ring shaped design also gives you beautiful catchlights and soft illumination. 

The Ring72 light features 72 high quality daylight balanced 5600K LEDs, which is powerful enough to capture the finer details while reducing harsh shadows. Never worry about insufficient lighting or harsh shadows, no the lighting is in your control. The flexible head allows you to circle 360° around the subject to show all the angles and details. 

The easy to use design is great for amateurs and professionals with an easy to use set up. Simply turn on the light and rotate the dial to adjust, the light can be used both on/off camera (within the cables reach) which gives you multiple shooting options. 

It is also perfect for dental photography as an on-camera light as the circular shape is designed taking shots of people's faces. 

Separate Brightness Control 

The Godox Ring72 light also features separate controls for the left/right half, which allows you get contrast easily in your images. Using this feature can add more depth and dimension to your shot and allows you more creative freedom with depth and shadow. 

Dual Power Supply 

The dual power supply is designed for convenience. Running with 4 x AA batteries or a detachable lithium battery like the Lithium battery. Use only high quality Ni-mh batteries with a minimum of 1.2V only. E.g. Panasonic, Eneloop, Ikea Ladda.


 Model  RING72
Output Power 8W
Brightness Control Seperate control on the right/left hand side 
Dimming Range 10%-100% adjustment in 10 levels
Power Supply

4 x AA large capacity alkaline battery or rechargeable High Quality Ni-MH battery (1.5V) e.g Enelopp, Panasonic, Ikea Ladda (minimum of 1.2V only) (Batteries sold separately) 

7.2V/2600mAh Lithium Battery (Sold separately) (VB-26 or WB100)

Colour Temperature  5600K
Number of LEDs 72pcs
Net Weight 245g (Ring light + controller - not including battery)
TLCI ≥97
CRI ≥96


*Please note: Camera not included, show for illustration purposes only, please see 'What's Included' section for full product inclusions. 

What's Included

1 x Godox RING72 Macro LED Ring Light
1 x Controller
1 x AA Battery Holder
8 x Adapter Rings (49mm, 52mm, 55mm, 58mm, 62mm, 67mm, 67mm, 72mm & 77mm)

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