Soft Box 45cm

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This round softbox using reflective fabric of higher reflectivity, rigid frame of more elastic, translucent soft cloth of more diffuse, lens opening of trapezoidal design, flash window of light leak-proof design, so that the same flash brightness improved by 10%, and the softbox durability increased by 10%, with the same weight and better use.

It is easy-folding style, metal tube bracket with magnetic, expand in ring shape, maximum outer diameter of about 45cm.


Material: Nylon
Color: Black & White


  • Total Dimensions: 45x15cm (diameter x depth)    
  • The Lens Opening Depth: 15cm    
  • The Back Diameter of Lens Opening: 9.5cm
  • The Front Diameter of Lens Opening: 18cm    

Weight: 400g



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